Kicksledding World Championships


Friday 6.3.2020

18.00-00.00 Live music tent at Korsu pub, tickets 5€, adults only

Saturday 7.3.2020

10.00 Individual races and dual sprint
13.00 Challenge races
15.30 Awarding

Sunday 8.3.2020

Marathon at Kissalahti (cancelled due to weather conditions)


Start procedure will follow running competition rules. Starting blocks are not allowed.

At 100m race, there will be no marked lanes. Competitors are asked to keep their lines as straight as possible to avoid accidents.

Please return borrowed sleds to the starting line immediately after personal race performance, using the open area in the middle of the venue.

Organizers reserve all rights to schedule changes.

(c) Potkukelkkailun MM-kisat / Kicksledding World Championships 2021.
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